Rapunzel Day

Instead of calling this “No-ssau”, I’ll refer to this as Rapunzel Day. More on that later.

Kara: While Nassau may be the Port of Registry for the Disney Fleet - a fun fact that will play an important role a bit later today - it is NOT a destination we enjoy exploring so we stay on the ship on Nassau days.

After an early sleep starting at approximately 10:30pm (when I couldn’t keep my eyes open), we each became “cognitively aware” probably around 7-7:30am, just before we felt the ship make its approach into the dock channel at Nassau.

Kara: Today was a no alarm day! Our first of this trip actually. We woke up around 8 which for both of us meant a wonderful full night of sleep.

The Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas was on one side of us and the Carnival Sunshine on the other. While the Disney Magic isn’t the largest of these, it has a distinct look (& horn), which gains attention wherever she is. We always feel proud sailing on this line.

Since we weren’t leaving the ship and had no early activities, it was a slow & luxurious start to the day. By roughly 9:30am we made our way to Cabanas for breakfast. Honestly, I tried to find something on the more nutritious side, but alas. It was a banana, crispy bacon (finally!), 2 pieces of French Toast, & 2 (more) Mickey Churro waffles. (The French Toast was a bridge too far this morning.)


At the end of breakfast I began “cramming” for

DCL Trivia

. Yes, I know we won it a couple of cruises back, but now it’s a goal! I took note of some common topics from past trivias and gathered some easy research online prior to leaving Florida on Saturday. So we spent time on the veranda studying and quizzing. #Nerds

Kara: During breakfast we discussed plans for the day which included one of our favorites - Disney Cruise Line trivia. We won this once before as a team and I somehow won it one other time on my own, I think on the Alaskan cruise I took with my parents when Gayle wasn’t with me.

As we were finishing breakfast we pulled out our not so official dossier on Disney Cruise Line to brush up on our facts and figures for trivia. My task was to remember all of the atrium statues as well as bow and stern characters. Gayle had everything else to memorize.

We went back to the room and studied a bit more and then quizzed each other a bit (yes, this is what vacation with nerds looks like). Then it was off to trivia in the Promenade lounge. Btw - the home port of Disney’s fleet was one of the questions.

At 10:45am we headed to Guest Services to apply my gift cards and then headed for the 11:15am DCL Trivia. Out of 25 questions, we got 21 (& were hoping for a perfect score). Sadly two groups got 22 and had a tiebreaker (which we knew the answer to) to declare the winner. Watch out - next time I’ll be back stronger & even more prepped!

Kara: We always say we are going to do more stairs and study more for trivia between cruises and we rarely ever do. Perhaps before our next cruise we will finally live up to these expectations.

Still not hungry, we decided to walk Deck 4 to try to work off breakfast/get hungry for lunch! We noted how perfect the weather was. Of course we were in the shade on a covered deck and also the light breeze. At some point I bailed onto one of the Deck 4 loungers.

Kara: We headed out to Deck 4 to get in some steps. As we finished our mile (3 laps = 1 mile), Gayle did something very unusual - she stopped on the super comfy deck chairs and we sat and enjoyed the fresh air and the breeze. These, in my opinion, are some of THE MOST COMFORTABLE LOUNGERS ANYWHERE. While I’ve gone out and enjoyed these chairs many times, Gayle is normally too cold to do so but today’s weather was absolutely PERFECT. So, we enjoyed some time here just resting and relaxing.

I dozed off (my usual) and soon G was waking me to urge me to go to Cabanas for lunch before it closed. I had shrimp-a-palooza and tried butter chicken which has been on my list of dishes to try for a while. It was good and I’ll definitely consider ordering it from my favorite Indian place back home.


Side Note: The Deck 4 loungers look simple with no interesting characteristics. However, it’s expected to see the few of them full virtually all day. We’ve never had or taken the time to try them. Today we learned the secret: they are surprisingly comfortable. My rationale is they have your legs a bit elevated and the cushioning is quite good. Both of us soon had our eyes closed, drifting off.

At 1:15 I noted if we were going to get to Cabanas for some lunch, we’d better go, as they closed at 2pm. At first I didn’t think there was anything of interest and was ready to grab more chicken tenders from the pool grille. However, Kara picked a few items and I decided something nutritious was long overdue. So I claimed a plate of carrots, peas, and some gloriously sauced shrimp. This was followed by a double portion of Warm Chocolate Pudding (which is really just warm chocolate cake with chocolate sauce). It’s better than it sounds and is quite similar to the Warm Chocolate Banana Torte with Rum Glaze I used to specifically order for our Disney Institute private Dessert Parties.

Soon we were headed to Heroes Quote Trivia at 2:15pm. Warning: This isn’t what we thought it would be. It seems like most, many of us presumed this would be Marvel or maybe Marvel + Star Wars, etc. with the term “heroes”. However, Disney took great levity in translating that to mean “main characters” of their animated movies. Boo. If we had known, we would have skipped this.

Next door at 2:45pm was Photo Moment with Rapunzel’s Lantern in “her” restaurant. I was super excited about this, as it’s a unique offering and the Lantern scene of the movie is among, if not my favorite.


We walked in to see the usual stage with the lantern scene and now there was a podium with a lit lantern. The photographer posed you with the lantern and did a separate “magic shot” (Spoiler: with Pascal). I loved the entire concept. Sadly, and as expected, none of the pictures (including the official Disney photographs) were decent. Plus, it’s super difficult to get excited about photos where you’re wearing a mask.


We then tried our luck on Deck 4 and found empty loungers! We spent plenty of time here until a family decided to play shuffleboard next to us. When they were done Kara asked if I wanted to play. First, we/I’ve never played shuffleboard in my life. Second, Kara said she overheard from them the “how to play”. Why not?

We setup and honestly took a bit to realize the effort we had to apply to get the pucks into the score zone. I ended up the winner. It was only when we were done did we see the instructions for how to play listed on a small plaque above the poles & pucks! I had NEVER noticed this - & it was my 15th Disney Cruise.

Kara: I only scored points because Gayle knocked one of my pucks into a score zone when she hit one of hers.


Around 4:15pm we headed inside. I was curious what was available at Frozone Treats, as I’d been craving a slushy-like concoction for 2 days. (Having to wear a mask so much made me incredibly dehydrated.) However, it didn’t appear they had anything like that, so we headed back to the stateroom.

For some reason (probably from getting stuck at Castaway Cay for an extra 24 hours once), we both enjoy watching leaving port - watching if anyone is late/gets left!, pulling in the lines, starting up the engines, making necessary maneuvers, and always, sounding the on-brand horn next to other cruise ships! So we took all that in from 4:45pm-5:15pm.

Kara: We watched the last family get brought back on golf carts and scurry aboard right at 4:45 - the all aboard time. They were greeted by 4 officers waiting outside.


At this point we needed to get ready for dinner. This was the night I had been looking forward to, as we were having dinner at Rapunzel’s Royal Table; it was the night of the “dinner show” of Rapunzel’s birthday, and “Tangled: The Musical” would be in the Walt Disney Theatre.


Our meal of pretzel bread, shrimp, sea bass, and the Fry Pan were wonderful. The “dinner show” wasn’t as good since the thugs would usually stroll about the tables (a COVID no-no). However, “I See the Light” with the servers walking lanterns through the restaurant was as dreamy as I’d remembered.


Kara: I don’t talk all that much about how awesome it is to have a travel agent as a best friend and travel companion in these posts as I do in my daily life. But there is a reason we were once again super lucky to have a table near the stage so we had a great seat for the show (hint, hint - use a travel agent who knows Disney Cruise Line. They make magical little things like this just happen. My travel agent is the best! You really should use her.)

Afterward we quickly dashed to O’Gill’s Pub at 7pm. Based on this night, we presumed it would be the “Snuggly Duckling takeover”. However, this sadly wasn’t offered. I need to investigate if this is only on the longer sailings, etc. We bounced over the Keys (what Kara termed “club-hopping”, which was technically accurate), but surprisingly the live music hadn’t begun. So it was back to O’Gill’s for 90’s Music Trivia at 7:30pm. We are just ok at this, but it’s always full and a really good time!

Kara: In case you’ve lost count - yes - this is our third trivia in one day.

When we discovered that the Snuggling Duckling Takeover wasn’t happening, we realized we had some time to spare so we decided to go to Keys for a bit first. As we walked the 40 feet or so between the clubs, I asked Gayle if this constituted club hopping which got a good laugh.

As to 90’s Music Trivia - let’s be very clear - I ADORE music but I am TERRIBLE at knowing song, title, album, etc. So, out of the 30 possible points (15 questions - one point each for song and artist), I added a total of maybe 3 points to our final score. All the rest was Gayle. Music Trivia is done like my college music theory professor did “drop needle” tests. You get a very small snippet of a piece and you have to immediately write the title and the artist. I can hum the tune all day long but I cannot get the words until I start to actually hear the lyrics.

In my opinion though, the best part of 90s music trivia is the answer checking section when the host plays longer snippets of the songs and the entire bar starts singing along. It was tons of fun and two teams had perfect scores so they faced off in a tie breaker which was answered with a song I’ve never even heard before.

Ah, the joy of a misspent youth.

As soon as trivia was done we dashed upstairs. While the doors to the theater hadn’t yet opened, a line all the way back to the shops had formed. We hadn’t seen this since we experienced the stage show of “Frozen” on one of the other ships, and frankly hadn’t expected it tonight for this show! The doors opened at just past 8pm and per social distancing the theater was full long before the show began.

Fun Facts: The only place on the planet you can see Tangled: The Musical is onboard Disney Magic! Also, Alan Menkin who penned the music for the film collaborated to create new songs just for this production!


I adore Tangled, the film. For this production it took Raps a bit to find her groove, but Flynn, the Mother, and Max (puppeteer) were wonderful! I don’t know what it is about this show, but it just feels like something is missing. My thought tonight is background music to connect the scenes?

Kara: This is a sweet adaptation of the film Tangled which has zero fluff in it. The songs are wonderful, the story is efficiently and effectively told and the cast always does an amazing job. I agree with Gayle that something is a little lacking and maybe it is background music. The scene changes in this are intense so kudos also to the stage crew who certainly have their work cut out for them on this one.

Afterward it was back to the room to pen this; order our cookies ;); claim our Platinum truffles, and prep for our 2nd stop at Castaway. It’s now 11pm - time for sleep!


Disclaimer: I (Gayle) am a travel agent with Authorized Disney Travel Planner agency - Off to Neverland Travel. Contact me today for a no-obligation quote!