Time to Head Home - Boooooooo :-(

Heading Home - Booooooooo :-(

Kara: I was NOT looking forward to today at all. Our trip home from Orlando in October about did me in. There was nothing specifically bad about it - it’s just a really LONG day in a mask moving around all those people. I used to enjoy air travel a LOT. I find it abysmal now.

That said, all in all, it was a simple and easy travel day. We had good flights. I did have trouble with my headphones so wasn’t able to watch a movie but I read and played Sudoku on the way home.

I’m incredibly grateful to my dad and sister for watching Kona The Mini Double Doodle while I was gone. This is the second trip in a row where they have been kind enough (or ready enough for him to go home) to be waiting at my house when we got home.


This also marks the end of my “vacation” that I gave myself after leaving my job and launching my consulting business. If you are in need of executive coaching, meeting design and facilitation, consultation in technology and education, and/or training and development for creative problem solving, please reach out to Monarch Strategies. I’d love to help you.

It was a fairly eventless travel day, which in these times, is a good thing. Kara’s bag was exactly 50 lbs and mine was 49, so PHEW! We long ago learned the best way to offset the sadness of a cruise/vacation ending, is looking forward to the next one. (We used to start planning the next one, but with our schedules, we now plan FAR into the future.)

So what’s next? Well we’ve both blocked some time in May. We might travel; we might not. While it was never initially a dream, during COVID I realized I would finally qualify for my IATA card - “the only industry credential recognized worldwide for travel professionals”. One of the best parts of having an IATA card is some of the perks. So if it works out, we might take advantage of an option through this in May.

Otherwise the next big event is sailing the new Disney Wish in September! (This is also the last of our “old” Placeholders, so we took the last possible 4 night before the expiration date!) Beyond that, here’s hoping we can keep Kauai & Aulani in 2023 (my choice) and something in Europe for Kara in 2024!

Similar to Kara, if there’s anything I can do to assist you with any future travel planning, please reach out to gayle.hartleroad@offtoneverland.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gayle.offtoneverland

Disclaimer: I (Gayle) am a travel agent with Authorized Disney Travel Planner agency - Off to Neverland Travel. Contact me today for a no-obligation quote!