Day 1: Why I'm Shipping

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Writing is my go-to gateway habit.

When I reflect on the peaks and valleys in my life, the extended peak times always involved a daily habit of intentional writing - often in public. And writing daily is the habit cue that triggers or connects other good habits like exercise, doing what matters most to me, and practicing radical kindness.

I've watched the Ship 30 for 30 community grow. I've watched those I can now call my fellow shipmates write, develop friendships, and manifest incredible work.

Whether it was FOMO or jealousy, I want what past Ship 30 for 30 mates have found.

I want to conquer fear and procrastination so that I'm writing and publishing daily.

I want to publish tiny bits of content that build into bigger pieces of the dreams in my head - articles, classes, videos, and more.

I need to create and writing is the most basic act of creation.

I want to create and curate content that I find interesting so I can connect with other people who find those topics interesting as well so that we can learn together.

So over the next 30 days I'm going to write in public - one atomic article daily - and publish it on twitter and my website - which has said "under construction" for way too long.


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