Day 10: To die a good death, plan for it.

To die a good death, plan for it

Bring up death at a party and you'll be the death of the party.

Most people will quickly remove themselves from any conversation about death. Unfortunately, anxiety about death or fear of death also often causes people to avoid many of the important tasks they need to take on to plan for the end of their life. You can't avoid death but you can plan for it to reduce the stress on those left behind.

I am not a lawyer and you should consult a lawyer and review the laws in your locale for solid guidance. These are some things you should do to plan for a good death.

1. Make a will

If you have anything precious or of value, make a will. Otherwise, generic rules of your state or country will decide what happens to your assets at your death.

2. Create any healthcare documents you need

Have a conversation with those close to you about your wishes on topics like a living will or resuscitation in the event of a catastrophic injury. Select a healthcare power of attorney. Provide your general practitioner with a copy of these documents and discuss your desires with them.

3. Discuss memorial options

Where do you wish to be buried or have your ashes spread? Do you want to donate your organs? What kind of celebration of life do you wish to have to honor you?

In the event of your death, knowing that they are carrying out your wishes can provide immense comfort to family and friends.


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