Day 13: Build a "Days Until" List in Notion

Build a "Days Until" list in Notion

Now that I've got my COVID shots, life is starting to take on some of those normal rhythms of travel and events. I'm redesigning several of my Notion dashboards and wanted to build a "days until" counter for my main HQ page. While there are paid and free widgets available for counters, I wanted something easy to update and add anywhere in my pages. Here's how I did it.

1. Create an inline table. I named mine "Days Until..."

Create this table on a page where you want this table to appear.

2. Add a field for Date and give it the Date data type

The simple formula you'll add in the next step will count the days until a specified date.

3. Add a formula field. I named mine Days Until.

You'll use a simple formula that counts the days from now until the specified date. Edit the formula and enter

dateBetween(prop("Date"), now(), "days")

in the formula bar. Accept the formula.

Just add events and their corresponding dates.

The number of days until each event will populate in the Days Until field.

Want to know how many weeks or months? Use the same formula but change the word days to weeks or months. You can use seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, or years. The result will always be a whole number so if you want a countdown clock create multiple columns - one for days, one for hours, one for minutes, and one for seconds.

Sit and watch the seconds fall away until your next great adventure.


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