Day 16: Traveling? You need a little re(P)acking Panic.

Traveling? You need a little re(P)acking Panic.

My best friend and I were in a hotel in Chicago for the 4th of July weekend. When we got home she realized she'd left her sweatshirt on the bed in the hotel room. Probably because it was both of our first time back in a hotel post-COVID we just were out of the habit of the pre-exit room sweep.

Fast forward to this weekend when we were at a hotel with 19 of my family members. We were switching off groups this morning as we were checking out so my brother came to get my dad who had been rooming with the bestie and I.

My dad did his own room sweep.

My brother, a mid-range truck driver who is a seasoned hotel stayer, did a room sweep.

The bestie and I all did a room sweep.

At some point the bestie coined the phrase Packing Panic. It's going to become one of my new traveling mantras.

Take a moment before you leave the house and sweep the house to avoid a packing panic.

Take a moment and sweep the hotel room to avoid a re(p)acking panic.

I work hard to plan ahead and make sure I am packed or at least prepared to pack well in advance of leaving home. I also try to keep things together and in some sense of order while I'm traveling. But in this day of tiny electronics it's easy to leave a cable in a room or a rental car.

So if alliteration helps you, just remember packing panic.


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