Day 3: Evernote is Dead, Long Live Evernote

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I have been an Evernote customer since not long after they entered public beta in June of 2008.

I've watched the product rise to prominence, stagnate, and now attempt to reemerge amidst a crashing sea of so-called productivity tools.

Even though I no longer use the tool every day, here are three reasons I remain an Evernote premium customer.

1. You can easily drop almost anything into Evernote.

I have nearly 35000 notes in Evernote. They contain a mixture of audio, video, images of handwritten text, PDFs, PowerPoints, and a myriad of other files. Evernote handles them all with relative ease. And, it was easy to get all those things into Evernote. Most of the time I just forwarded an email to Evernote with the files. Or I grabbed a quick image with my phone straight from the Evernote app.

2. Evernote searches within handwritten notes and PDF files.

I love digital tools. I love great quality paper and the sound of a pen sailing across it just as much. I've kept a notebook of some type almost since I learned to write. I have storage bins full of old notebooks. With Evernote I can also carry those notebooks around in my pocket - and search through all those years of content without having to retype all that content.

3. Evernote is secure-ish

Anything you put on the Internet these days runs the risk of being compromised. We trade off security for convenience. But of the tools on the market today, Evernote offers better security than most of its competitors.


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