Day 4: Improve Your Focus When You're Online

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I have multiple identities - browser identities that is.

This simple trick lets me focus on personal tasks or work tasks in my browser. It's especially useful if you're in the unfortunate position of having to share a computer with someone.

Regardless of what browser you use, the steps are similar. More importantly, all of them allow you to save a lot of information by profile across all your devices. These are what I focus on saving.

1. Home tabs

You can set a specific set of tabs to open in each profile. For instance, I added typeshare.co to my personal tab set when I started #Ship30. Now, any time I open my personal profile, Typeshare is ready to go.


Bookmarks are really a power kit of all the things I need to go to run my life. A folder for banking and finance in my personal profile? ✔ A folder with all of the policy and procedure manuals for my work profile? ✔✔ The best part is - they sync across all your devices - all you have to do is sign in with each profile in the browser on each device.

3. Extensions

Extensions power up the browser. Saving those to different profiles means I have the set of tools appropriate to that profile at the ready.

You can save other things like passwords. I stay away from this and use a purpose built password manager. Perhaps more on that in a future essay.



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