Day 6: Three years, three lessons from our little podcast.

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For three years, a scrappy little team has made a weekly podcast where we tell the stories of Ivy Tech Community College - the great work our team does to change people's lives through education. Our College, Your Voices turns three today - 3 years and 159 episodes later, here are 3 things I've learned.

Podcasting is a team sport.

I have the easiest job of creating each week's episode. Show up and ask my friends and colleagues questions about the cool stuff they are doing. The team - Sarah, Jen, Becky, Creative Services, Matthew and our amazing guests do all the hard work of producing the podcast.

Weekly is hard.

We started as a monthly , but I got overwhelmed with all the stories we should tell. That said, even after three years, I find the pace of weekly episode release really hard.

It's so worth it.

Would anyone listen? Why do this for only a couple of hundred downloads a week? Over three years we've had about 41,000+ downloads. We average 200 - 300 downloads per episode so we're reaching about 10% of our intended audience. Yet, the podcast comes up in surprising places including just yesterday when someone from another college reached out to ask about working with someone we featured in a past episode.

I don't stick with things well, but I can't imagine my life without the podcast. Here's to many more years of amazing stories.


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