Day 7: Chronic Starter, Bad Finisher

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I've cut three essays worth of content this morning. Everything I start to write feels half baked.

My problem has never been having ideas on what to write, what to create, on what could be ...

My problem has always been one of execution.

I am a chronic starter. I'm an epically bad finisher.

I love the endorphin rush of checking something off my list. It is almost as good as the rush I get from starting on some new goal or project.

The problem is the middle. That unknowable blob of stuff that you have to wade through in order to get from the first endorphin hit to the second.

I've tried a load of strategies over the years to try to get at least an endorphin trickle through the project. Working in public, showing your work and celebrating successes and challenges with a tribe may have been the missing piece.

I couldn't commit to finishing anything I started to write today, but I know a few people are expecting an essay from me. I didn't want to let them down and I know there will be an inevitable little rush just from hitting publish on this essay.

  • How do you keep yourself on point through a project?
  • Is starting, doing the work, or completing the best part for you? Why is that?
  • What works to always get you back on track when you're in a slump?
  • If you're a chronic starter like me, how do you keep yourself from taking on too much?

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