Day 9: The Never Ending Battle with Work in Progress (WIP)

The Never Ending Battle with Work in Progress

I am reflecting this long weekend and checking in with my goals. Based on a recommendation from the amazing Marie Poulin, I'm also reading the excellent book Making Work Visible by Dominica DeGrandis. The two experiences have me realizing that I am in what feels like a never ending battle with what DeGrandis calls the Time Thief of Work in Progress (WIP).

WIP is work you have started but that has not reached a desired outcome.

This is a personal projects problem. Just a few examples...

  • The laundry room I've been using for well over two years that still does not have hooks under the cabinets
  • The main bathroom that still has no art or photos in it
  • The plethora of art projects in my studio which started with great intentions and have never gotten beyond the supply purchase stage

This is a work projects problem. Just a few examples...

  • A registration across multiple semesters project that no one was interested in when first kicked off pre-Covid which now seems to be popular but really complicated
  • The two videos I've been asked to film, have started scripting and haven't yet filmed.
  • The development of our updated College calendar. The team is meeting and we're making progress but there is no clear end yet.

This is just a tiny portion of the work I'm trying to make more visible in a revamped Notion Dashboard. I'm adding something new to this dashboard which is a timeline view tied to a "Milestone Date" in each project. If it works as I hope, I'll release it to share. I hope it helps me keep work in progress moving a little better.


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