What am I doing now?
What am I doing now?

What am I doing now?

This page is inspired by an assignment in Marie Poulin’s Notion Mastery Course (affiliate link) which was inspired by the Now movement. The page is a digital scrapbook of sorts laying out what I’m working on at any given time. I plan to update it monthly.

May 2022

Last update @June 1, 2022


Monarch Strategies LLC is off and running. I got to visit New York with a client right at the beginning of the month which was a great time reconnecting with colleagues. The “big contract” I landed last month is in full swing. I’m still trying to figure out the role of business development versus just doing the work.


I’m struggling with what to write about in this section. I feel like life is flying by at the moment and I’m losing some focus in a few areas - particularly relationships. Or perhaps this is the new routine and cycle of my life. I did get to have a fun dinner with my friend Elizabeth where we enjoyed far, far too large of a margarita so had to sit and chat for a while.


I just got back from the Cruise the Gayle booked for us in April. It was very hot but we enjoyed getting off the ship in Falmouth Jamaica. I even bought a swim coverup from one of the local vendors.

I’m really looking forward to some family time this month including a big trip to Glacier National Park with my dad and sister.


I’ve got a writing project (fiction) that I’ve been thinking about for several years so I’ve been doing some “research”


Still a disaster and needs to be prioritized. I gained 6 pounds in NYC. I hope at least some of it was muscle from the walking. I’ve added two notes to myself in my daily note template to try to prompt myself ot move.


Kona the Mini Double Doodle and I are continuing our hospice volunteer visits. Kona also earned his Canine Good Citizen Award.

I am realizing that I have a different kind of voice now that I am not tethered by being a “government” employee.


I have SO MANY BOOKS checked out from the library. I’m reading Blah, Blah, Blah by Dan Roam. I read a few different things on the plane to/from NYC. I also let myself buy a couple of books that weren’t available through the library including Lisa Bodell (who did the Keynote at AACC)’s book Why Simple Matters.


Keeping up with Weekly television and binging CSI NY although I’m sleeping through some of it so it’s clearly not all that impactful to me.


I finished the Presidential Podcast this month and started listening to DCL duo since G and I will do an episode together. Still missing podcast so much and trying to figure that out again.

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