April 2022

April 2022

Last update @May 5, 2022


Last month I was celebrating the launch of Monarch Strategies LLC and this month it sort of feels like I’ve been in business forever. I landed my first “big contract” and I’m exploring lots of different avenues. I can almost articulate what I do in short simple sentences - almost. I’ve struggled with getting my coaching program launched and I’m not where I want to be with launching my online class - but it’s progress none the less


April flew by in a whirlwind. Lots of work projects took off so there was a little less time for personal relationships. That said, I did set up lots of breakfasts and lunches with friends (more on that in Adventures as well as when I review May) and I made lots of trip plans. Biggest this month is that Gayle bought us a cruise!!! We take off towards the end of May and I couldn’t be more excited. I did get to have a surprise breakfast with Jamie Fitzgerald in New York (although technically that was in May)


I went to New York City with PackBack for AACC. It was a great time to catch up with Andrew, Ektoras and Daniel (and visit with Susie since she was there for the MET trip). I also got to catch up with loads of community college friends and colleagues. I explored the lower west side of Manhattan with Daniel, Ektoras, and Susie and then Central Park with Daniel. I walked to Times Square and along some Broadway theatres on my own.


I’m LOVING R.J. Nestor’s AP Productivity Course. So, so good. I’ve been doing some reading (more on that below) and am somewhat enjoying BASB 14. The biggest thing I’ve learned in the past month is about the Hive Blockchain. I created an account on ecency before quickly realizing I prefer Peakd for most things. That came about as a result of Shadows and Alessandra (from Creative Work Hour) talking about it.


Still a disaster and needs to be prioritized. I gained 6 pounds in NYC. I hope at least some of it was muscle from the walking. I’ve added two notes to myself in my daily note template to try to prompt myself ot move.


Kona the Mini Double Doodle and I are continuing our hospice volunteer visits. Kona also earned his Canine Good Citizen Award.

I am realizing that I have a different kind of voice now that I am not tethered by being a “government” employee.


I have SO MANY BOOKS checked out from the library. I’m reading Blah, Blah, Blah by Dan Roam. I read a few different things on the plane to/from NYC. I also let myself buy a couple of books that weren’t available through the library including Lisa Bodell (who did the Keynote at AACC)’s book Why Simple Matters.


Keeping up with Weekly television and binging CSI NY although I’m sleeping through some of it so it’s clearly not all that impactful to me.


I finished the Presidential Podcast this month and started listening to DCL duo since G and I will do an episode together. Still missing podcast so much and trying to figure that out again.