January 2022

Last updated @January 20, 2022


I left a 23 year career with Ivy Tech as another refugee in “The Great Resignation”. I say this while also owning the privilege that I have the ability to leave and to give myself some time and space to write the next chapter of my career.


I am so enjoying spending time with family and friends and reconnecting with people in both my personal and professional network. Whatever the next phase holds, I want to build in more time for the people that matter. These conversations have been so rewarding and fulfilling.


I’m getting prepared to set sail on my 15th Disney Cruise with the best travel agent in the business - Gayle at Off to Neverland Travel. Yes - my travel agent is so good, I take her with me on trips. I’m also planning to take my first train trip this summer - an Amtrak adventure with my dad and sister to visit Glacier National Park.


I’ve got a 21 day streak going in Duolingo Spanish and I’m doing the Coursera courses for Salesforce Pathfinder. I’m also going through all of Notion Mastery again since Marie has redesigned it. I want to build things. It’s one of those things coming out of this career change I know I want to do.


I’m riding my Peloton, taking a nap over my lunch hour each day (yes - I’m not working and I’m still only giving myself a “lunch hour”).


Kona the mini double doodle and I just finished our training and are going to start volunteering as an animal enrichment team with one of the local Hospice organizations here in town.


Currently binging FBI on Paramount Plus


My favorite podcast - Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Nora Ephron’s Heartburn from Audible. It’s performed by Meryl Streep - SO GOOD!