March 2022

March 2022

Last updated @March 30, 2022


Monarch Strategies LLC is almost eight weeks old. If it were a puppy it would almost be old enough to go home with its new owner and leave its momma. This might seem like an odd analogy to you, but one of the biggest things I’m having to learn as a small business owner is the balance of patience and persistence. I’ve played a career long game for a very long time. There is no long game as an independent business owner. I have a few recurring clients, I received my first payment for services rendered this month, took my first credit card payment this month and am now a finalist for a project that I really, really want.


I’ve been learning some things that are business related and doing some reading (more on that below) but my formal learning plans have gotten stymied a bit. I am doing the current Ship 30 for 30 cohort and I’m going to be a Moderator in the upcoming Building a Second Brain Cohort 14. I am also trying a quarterly review process on my company blog that will be a good learning exercise for me.


I’m enjoying the freedom that comes with owning my own business. For example, as I write this, Kona the pup and I have had two long ball playing sessions outdoors on the first “nice” weather day we’ve had in two weeks. I also just returned home from an extended stay at my dad’s - made possible because I control when and where I work. I also spent an elearning day with my great niece and great nephew at their place and then my great niece had her second overnight at my house and we made soft pretzels and got my garden project started.


I can’t say that last month’s update changed much so I’m leaving it here as a reminder that I need to focus on this in the next month. I am happy I got the garden project started with some vegetable seeds. Here was last month’s update: My health is a horrendous disaster this month. Definitely something to focus on in March. I’ve had time to cook and exercise and simply haven’t done so. I don’t have a regular daily routine yet. I have appointed Kona the Mini Double Doodle as the Chief of Peace and Wellness (Chief PAW) for Monarch Strategies. I’ve tasked him with ensuring that we are more healthy in the coming month.


No new “big” adventures on the horizon except that I’m planning my first “vacation” week as an established business owner. That will happen in May. I’ve also become enamored with SUV RV’ing/Camping videos on YouTube and keep thinking about planning a small trip for Kona and I in the back of our SUV. Probably the biggest change is that Kona and I have been attending AKC Obedience classes in Anderson on Tuesday nights. We will take our test in late April or early May. My dad, sister and I are still planning our Glacier National Park trip (by Amtrak) in mid-summer.


Kona the Mini Double Doodle and I are continuing our hospice volunteer visits. We (mostly I) got interviewed today for an upcoming feature on the web site during volunteer week which is in April. We’ve also done a couple of other nursing home visits with friends and family that have been really good.


I finished Making Numbers Count by Chip Heath & Karla Starr and I’m still working through Pete Greig’s How to Pray. Both are excellent. I’m reading Storyworthy and Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. I also read Marie Poulin’s mammoth financial post and am thinking about writing one of my own that I’d update as a part of my quarterly review. I checked Profit First out from the library and I have Worry Free Money already in my library.


I watched Encanto earlier this month when I spent an elearning day with my great niece and nephew.


Someone just turned me on to the Financial Feminist podcast - loving it! I’m about to finish the Presidential podcast which has been a pleasure to listen to.